David R. “Poppa” Alexander


While sitting in this bog,
Not mud but in my mind.
Who would dare to inter this dark world:
Maybe another veteran with similar ghost?

Walking along a lonely path:
Not in the park but in my mind.
Who would walk along by my side:
Maybe a friend that would travel with me?

Lying here under this cloud,
Not in the sky but in my mind
Who will make sure it doesn’t rain:
Maybe a brother or sister could hold stop the wet.

Sweating here in this heat
Not in the desert but in my mind
Who will wipe my brow:
Maybe a passing traveler would hand me a rag?

Screaming out in the night
Not in war but in my mind
Who will comfort me:
Only one on this earth, my wife?

Through all of these things
She has accompanied me.
She who has a gentle touch and understanding smile
She will accompany me, my angel, my love, my wife.