David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Do I remember or did I forget
Those for which I still have regret
The bodies of those laying so still
The faces of the ones that we had to kill.

The young, the old, the unfinished dreams
No one to mourn their passing it seems.
Fighting a half a world away
The mangled bodies I remember still today.

Remorse, anger, and distain
Those are all that now remain.
Duty, honor and country
Who did what and who did the commentary?

Friends made, friends lost
Gain ground at what cost?
Live, fight, win or die
Too many dead to deny.

Ask myself a question at this point
Who were we afraid to disappoint?
Two nations that didn’t care
Both sides fought mostly out of fear.

Dreams at night that can’t be washed away:
Thirty plus years – and still like yesterday.
Pray that relief is around the bend
And then out of nowhere you find knowing friends.

Friends never met, never seen
But regardless ones that ease your dreams
Those are the friends found within this group
Most have been there that one can’t dupe.