David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Looking into a muddy streams
Reflections that bring on many dreams
Lost friends and comrades of old
Many a story that could be told.

When one stares into such a mirrored reflection
Ones soul is stirred with recollection
For not only is your face looking back into your eyes
But many more of those gone on, those faces so wise.

A stare of those dead and gone
Into their eyes you are drawn.
Once again you see the thousand yard stare
With you their pain they share.

A reflection of the young and brave men
A sacrifice given for a nation that didn’t care and you pray “never again”.
Their faces around your own image you can see
And but for the grace of God one of them could be thee.

Reflections of Lost Souls
Killed in many wars and many hellholes.
Today those reflections are too real
A wound in your stomach that will not heal.

Tomorrow many more faces will be in this pool
The world learns no lessons, and leaders play us for the fool.
Stand up, take a stick and muddy the stream
So that you can walk away and not scream.

So many gave so much for a people to be free
Then come home to a homeland that did not agree.
What a welcome home these reflections will receive
A coffin, a lonely marker, a hole in the ground and those left to grieve.

A reflection may hold the beauty that nature has made
Or the reflections of one’s soul and the mistakes there laid.
Beauty, peace or death, these can be seen in a reflection
However each one of us must decide what we will see and which recollection.

Submitted for the July 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Reflections