David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Deep within the mind
A lone cockroach lives
Eating away at the sanity of the brain
Eating all the gray matter that can be found

Where the cockroach regurgitates
Allowing this to empty into the cavity
Where the lone rat lives deep within the bowels
And digest the waste

The lone cockroach continues to eat away at sanity
Until it is gone and only the deep dark memories remain
Thus it starts to ingest the insanity
Allowing this to empty into the cavity

Thus the rat is forced to ingest the insanity of the memories
And again regurgitates forming even deeper insanity
The body must endure the cycle
Becoming more and more immerged in the memories of a war of long ago.

When the entire mass of ones being is ingested
The cockroach dies, allowing the rat to eat it
The body gives up and dies
With no further food the rat dies.

Upon death come the worms of injustice
Eating the remains of both and leaving the bile of human misery behind
A new generation of youth is born
Where they must live and eat food grown in this bile

A new generation of soldier
A new generation of misery
Another cockroach, another rat
And the cycle continues

Thus the insanity of war must continue
It must continue to infest the youth
Then again the cockroach and the rat will emerge
Thus this new generation will give birth to another such generation.