David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Dusk to dusk and then some
Letting the memories beat you till you are numb,
Remembering the past.
How long will it last?

No one there to ease the fear
Maybe just someone to share your fears:
No one to lean on.
But every one that matters is gone.

Memories of those long gone away
Left dead as their color changed to gray
Brothers cut down in their prime
Those who gave their lives and were elevated to the sublime.

Those are the powerful memories of many from the past
Until maybe someday one war will be the last.
And those are the powerful memories that we are doomed to repeat
To remember only those dead is the height of conceit.

As many physically alive are mentally dead
And a million tears have they shed.
Not one day of peace have they found
But in the end God will adorn them with a golden crown.

As you pass along the city streets
A dirty old veteran lying in your way you per chance meet
Hurriedly chasing the almighty dollar
Maybe you can bend down and help; you will forever be taller.

God has a special for those left to live like this
Maybe you could spare just a moment to help him reminisce
Stop, help and spend just a little while.
And listen to his story, and just earn his smile.

No one seems to care
Or those that do are just too busy to share.
Now as many are getting on in years
Many have forgotten why they shed the tears.

Booze, drugs and anything that helps;
Sinking deeper and deeper into the slimy depths;
Anything to erase the pain and will last
But nothing helps erase these powerful memories from the past.