David R. “Poppa” Alexander


No more will I search
No more will I dream
No more will I find a rare gem to hold
No more will I need such things.

Once a long time ago,
Twice I thought of the fire in the stove
Thrice I found no one home
And for the fourth time I have found tacks in the snow.

The lone angel watches as I struggle
Not talking or showing me the way to the golden ring
Knowing always knowing the pain of the search
Keeping deep inside the depression and despair that I juggle.

Seeing the faces; oh the faces
Feeling the anguish of rejection
Hearing the sound of the resentment
Always mindful of the faraway places.

This is the last search of the soul
This will be the resting place of the warrior
I look upon the face of God
Knowing now that I have made the ultimate goal.

Remembered not for we were forgotten
The last of us now are out of the torture of the devil
The journey is finished and the race once lost, now won
We rest now on clouds of cotton.

Submitted for the September 2002 IWVPA Theme Project, “My Inspiration