David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Eyes of fire search for peace
Dreams of others lost never cease.
For over the hill lies the next fight
Not any different than those last night.

A mountain to climb with steep terrain
Whether it be sunny or pouring rain;
The mind plays a numbing story
No one finds the answer till one meets his final glory.

A conquest of anger and raw nerves
Leads each to the end they deserve.
This fight won’t be won with knives or guns
The victory is found by each of mother’s sons.

Sad goodbyes and fond farewells
Remembered stories that each tells.
This fight is within ourselves;
Battles of long ago reach out and embed themselves.

To remember all is not achievable
To forget all is inconceivable.
Each day must be another conflict
They are all easy to predict.

For hours at a time talking to a shrink
Has yet to lead to any healing link.
Yet we each travel the same road
Some carries an even heavier load.

Of which I ramble on is P.T.S.D
For those that suffer the wish is to be free.
At last the journey is coming to a close
All are getting older and the struggle shows.

A lasting peace is found in the ground
With only peace to surround.
God shall wipe away all tears
I’m sure he will as he has been there for all these years.