David R. “Poppa” Alexander


There is a saying among the living
And said with thanksgiving
Those that are dead gave all for us
But now days seems like most just stand and cuss.

I long for the days of yesteryear when all in war came together
World War I and World War II come to mind as if attached with a tether
Seems all of my for fathers fought in one war or the other
Even in the War Between the States when it was brother against brother.

But in the end they came together and differences seems so small
Each man and woman worked together and each stood so tall.
When war was on our homeland and nowhere was without strife
A feeling of loyalty stood out even when so many gave their life.

Today is so different so you hear it said
Modern ways of life should stop all war and all could rest in the same bed.
But I say it isn’t so, when there are so many ready to take innocent life
It’s hard to reason with an enemy that uses murder to assure a happy afterlife.

It may not be popular of me to say
But me, I long for peace and victory at the end of the day.
Victory to me I’m sure is different for each to behold
But peace, happiness and victory will happen for in the Holy Bible it is told.