David R. “Poppa” Alexander


He is more somber than one would realize
A time in his past is oft seen in his eyes
His demeanor is gentler as the days pass
The duty of the soldier was done with nothing less than class.

As the days of his youth have left him behind
He often keeps to himself, to all he is kind.
He has a lot of memories to keep him company
And he frequently visits there with regularity.

His children are all grown now with families of their own
And his wife passed away and gone to wait for him at home.
The kids come to visit the hero of the past
But there stays become less frequent and they seldom last.

He is left again to his thoughts as the days go slowly by
And he is content to be just who he is and remembers with a sigh.
He took down his medals just yesterday to look
Another memory was there with them an autograph book.

Each night before he goes to bed,
He kneels to talk to God and bows his graying head.
He asks nothing for himself except forgiveness and something for another instead
Asking God to remember those soldiers now serving in his stead.

Then he slips under the covers to try for a night of peaceful sleep
He dreams of bygone times and the friends he will always keep.
As the night goes slowly by the old soldier drifts off into the promise land
And once again he meets his wife, family and friends, while held in God’s hand.