David R. “Poppa” Alexander


While only in Nam a short while
He was one all could count on and had style
He was a friend to all he met
And I miss him even yet.

A fine young officer and family man
Always had time to stop and lend a hand.
Arrived in Nam in sixty seven
Less than six months he was on his way to heaven.

Leaving behind two young daughters and a wife;
Many friends and family to deal with the strife:
Not enough time for a good bye or a letter home
Never again would he be allowed with his family to roam.

Leading his men into a combat situation,
Finding an enemy waiting in ambush from a different nation;
Directing their fight with leadership and courage
Outnumbered he didn’t show his discourage.

Over his head death did loom
In a place called Kontum.
The twenty second of June nineteen sixty seven
A husband, father: and my friend was winging his way to heaven.

His name might be important to you
But to his family and me he was one of the best men we ever knew.
First Lieutenant Ervin L. “Jake” Burns
A true hero at every turn.

So if you will help me remember him and what he did
For like so many others he received little and going home he was forbid.
Like many others for you I’m sure
He left a nagging pain for which there is no cure.