David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Yup, I recollect sitting on ah log fishin
Ole cane pole ‘n a strang frum the tater sack ravelins.
Them ole catfish are sur ‘nuff hard to catch alright
If’n yo’all had a good bait, liken maybe a wad of doe, been spit on with ‘baccer juice.

Now days folks go to them city stores, buy them city catfish.
Them there fish never even been in da mud.
Shucks, dem ole fish don’t smell liken nutin’ from the crick
Dang nabit Nutin’ Ain’t Worth Nutin’ Anymore.

When we’un kids sandered off to skool never wore no shoes til furst sno
Pappy, said them shoes were fer keep’n your feet warm, not fer shown’ off
Mammy, wuz always the furst to tell Pappy, now Paw, them young’un need sum shoes
Me’n Pappy wud go on down to the pig pen and head us’n up a hog.

Pappy wud take that hog down to town and trade with them city folks
Then he’d bring them shoes back, always remember them shoes
Hard leather sides and hard leather soles,
hav’ to soak em in brine water to sof’n em up.
Pappy wud take some hog lard and smear them shoes up reel good,
let me tell ya they would shine.

When I got older I went off to the United States Army
Proud day it wus, got me two dollars for eating and rode me a bus to Nashville
Heck ain’t never been no where liken that b’fer
They herded us in a big ole building and made us strip, now I ain’t to comfy with that.

This here guy came by in a white coat, heck it’s summer,
He said “Boy, bend over and spread em”
I looked him right in the eye and said “Huh?”
He said “Look over thar at that boy.”

Let me tell ya I almost left that there place
This here boy had bended over at the stomache and had his hands behind him
Pulling on his, well ‘cause I’m a gentlmun, pullin on his rear
“Dang,” I said “you can see way, oh my God”

Well that there guy looked at me and said “Well?”
I said “Well whut?” “I ain’t going do that, no dang way”,
So then this big ole guy with MP on him came over and I found out I’z gonna do that.
Anyways I passed, didn’t know they wus giving a test.

Well sir, I got myself a new set ‘o cloths not one but three sets
Got me two par of boots, man they treat you good in here.
Shucks, I set myself down and wrote my cousin
Told him he better let ‘em show him about bending over
‘cause for all them new cloths it sur nuf worth it.

Just wanted to let un’s know how I got myself in that there Army
Now let me tell ya, they want ya to bend over, but nobody snuck up hind me.
Lest wise that I knew of.
Now there was this one smart alec, tol me turn my haid and coff,
Well I started and he grabbed me, I ain’t gonna say whur.

I hit him so hard that I don’t thank he’ll do that again
They said he’s ‘supposed to do that,
Well ain’t nobody, on male man anyway, gonna grab me thar
So I’ll leave ya with this here last thang, if’n you need cloths that’s the place
But ya don’t half ta let no body grab you by your, well you all know.

So I can say with all them thangs going on
The thangs they want us’n to do
Don’t take nutin from em
‘cause Nutin Ain’t Worth Nutin Anymore.