David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Find the hummingbird
Find the dialogue absurd
Find the bodies of our dead friends
Find a way to bring this war to its end.

Race a rabbit down the trail
Race for an old dog to find its tail
Race a politician to the polls
Race his insincerity and the lies he has told.

Stop along the flowery path
Stop and feel the politician’s wrath
Stop and know we are past our prime
Stop and think does anyone give a dime?

Crawl to the lowest part of the terrain
Crawl to a spot so that politician’s can refrain
Crawl to a man made hell
Crawl to a spot where death is all you smell.

Walk with your heads held high
Walk thinking of your buddies until you cry
Walk slowly so as not to awaken the dead
Walk knowing that leaders have no dread.

Beat the drum of life slowly and low
Beat some sense into leaders that don’t care or know
Beat the brush to find a place to hide
Beat a path to where comrades have died.

Cry a tear for all that have gone on
Cry steadily because you know that we have been led wrong.
Cry with a tear of remorse for those fallen
Cry until the world finds peace and no more soldiers are befallen.

Pray for all that are not really alive
Pray for those that yet may die
Pray for me as I wonder along
Pray for our leaders that they won’t lead us wrong.