David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Sing a song of regret
Sing a song of lonesome thoughts
Sing a song of love and hate
Sing a song of memories of long ago events.

Picture those gone
Picture those that we loved as brothers
Picture the blood stained ground
Picture the black body bags loaded and carried away.

Paint the minds reality of days of stench and filth
Paint with words the hell we went through
Paint misery with one’s own blood
Paint a mind numb from remembering the past.

Write of the events of war
Write the words that will paint a picture for those that don’t know
Write a long list of those that died
Write a poem of what you feel.

Take the songs
Take the pictures
Take the writings
Now throw them away.

All of them mean absolutely nothing to anyone except you
No one cares
Our time has passed
Move on to the grave, it’s the next generation’s time to remember.