David R. “Poppa” Alexander

In Memory of LT. Ervin “Jake” Burns: KIA June 22, 1967 – Kontum, RVN

A smile, a frown – one or the other
A long road, a short path, we walked together
my brother.
A slap on the back, a joke now and then;
How you always lit up when you had a big grin.

Hard times, good times, still one or the other.
We shared what we had and loved each other
my brother:
Chow, ammo, or a drink of water;
To share a story or picture of your daughter.

Sunshine, rain, wind or sand
We once travel similar paths and God held our hand
my brother.
Dreams, thoughts and letters back home to share
To think about not going home was a thought we did not dare.

Day and night, night and day
The same fearful duty was ours, a price we had to pay
my brother.
Nights without sleep, days without rest
You were up to the test.

A friend, no more than that
Family we all were in combat
my brother.
First to lend a hand,
You were always ready to help make a stand.

On the ground or in the air
You were one so rare
my brother.
Just a note to say thanks from us all
Through the tears I can barely see your name there upon the wall.

A heartfelt thanks and peaceful sleep
We wish for you all from our hearts down deep
my brother.
One wipe of a tear, one lingering moment of hand on your name
I shall leave you now, for in my heart burns a flame.

One last thought before I leave
For you I shall continue to grieve
my brother.
But know your family is doing well
And we all in your memory dwell.

For you were a friend, father and more
I’m sure on angel wings you soar,
my brother.
Rest well and wait for we will meet again
I shall keep a watch on your family, and your death wasn’t in vain.