David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Demons, freedom and rest
These are things that veterans know the best.
Demons are there to keep them on edge
Freedom for all was their pledge.

God, family and country
These are things that they hold dear even through diversity.
God – from whom all strength is gained;
Family – the reason for war’s strain.

Old Glory, brotherhood and all of you,
These are things that can’t really be explained under the sky’s blue hue:
Old Glory – for all who have given so much before;
Brotherhood – those who gave all so that the eagle could soar.

Medals, uniforms and a grave stone
These are all that is left of many for whom an ill wind has blown.
Medals – they were only a symbol, a marker if you will
Gravestones – the only thing left to let others know who and why, while on the hill.

Pictures, small bits of ribbon and memories long gone
These are the worth of many who fought, died and their last breath drawn.
Ribbons and memories were what they were worth
Now they lay quietly beneath the earth.

Memorial Day comes but once a year
Can we not remember those veterans who gave so dear?
All the things that matter, that we hold dear
Were given by their lives blood, so hold their memories near.