David R. “Poppa” Alexander


He is a lot older
Life is a lot simpler
Sitting in the corner of the room with a vacant stare
A bare room except for a table and one chair

The only things with which to dine:
Some crackers maybe, and a cheap bottle of wine;
Dirty clothing and a soiled hat –
His only friend a diseased rat.

His life hadn’t always been this way
Graduated from high school with all a bright future would portray.
He once had a wife and a little girl named Mae;
Lost them both somewhere along the way.

After several attempts at staying sober and a hospital stay
Came home to an empty house as his wife had gone and taken little Mae
He recalls the feeling of reject, anger and a broken heart
Every day he tells himself he will find them but where to start.

It’s been over thirty years since he’s seen his little girl or his wife
They were the only things that mattered in his life
He had come home from Nam a different man
One that was spat on and no one could understand.

His life is full of memories and pain
No one around here even knows his name.
He tried so many times over the years
Now all his thoughts are drenched in drunk’s tears.

He tells himself as the light slowly turns to night
Tomorrow I’ll get up and find my little girl surely I have the right.
All the while knowing that he won’t so why pretend,
For he realizes that he will be right here until the end.

Somewhere a young lady wonders if he is all right
Some nights she is awakened with a strange fright.
Her mother passed away some years ago,
Of a broken heart for a love of long ago.