David R. “Poppa” Alexander


We’ve found him; we’ve found him!!
Words that cuts like a knife, words so grim.
Knowing if he were alive the voice would have been different
But because of the tone, if he were alive it would be an accident.

Moving toward our right flank
We see Pvt. Sneed vomit over a small bank.
Sneed was a new guy in the unit and never saw death before
Rushing to the site we see our brother, or what was left, a site to abhor.

We were sent to search for a brother from another platoon
He had been separated from his unit in a fire fight during the monsoon.
His unit had quite a bad time lost several before the enemy broke away.
Sometime during the fight this young soldier lost his way.

Must’ve walked right into the VC
Not a chance could we see.
Without all the gore and blood
I tell you now the site not to be misunderstood.

His poor body had been mutilated, in the dim light in which for us to see
Only the rags of his uniform and dog tags did we know it was he.
Charlie at times had no mercy and made sport of killing
The site of his body was more than chilling.

We wrapped his body in a poncho and carried his body out
Not a word was said about the extra work because his body we wouldn’t leave without.
As soon as we had a radio contact, we called in to let them know we had him
By the time we were in a clearing even there the light was dim.

One chopper touched down,
My men and those on the chopper gathered around.
Gently lifting him onto the hard steel floor
Each said a silent prayer and then no more.

Just one more brave young soldier down the dark path had trod
Now he rests with the others in the arms of God.
If you think I tell this story to amuse you, you are wrong;
Another nightmare that visited me last night
when for a while I was back in the land of the Viet Cong.

This is a companion piece to “The In-Betweeners” ~ ©Copyright July 30, 2003 by Thurman P. Woodfork