David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Two weeks out following political plans
And nothing to show except blisters, filth and bloody hands
Cutting you way through elephant grass and briars at least two inches long
Will make men weak that once were strong.

Finding nothing but booby traps, leaches and snakes
But when you are doing this type of work those are the breaks
Our mission is to find the main body of NVA force
Radio in the position and get the hell out of course.

No one is to see us so we mostly travel at night
Our prime objective is at all cost avoid a fight
And the ones of us that want to is exactly zero
‘cause not one man jack of us is looking to be a hero

Today is the end of the mission as it was laid out,
And our pickup point has already been given along with the route.
We were less than a klick away from the LZ when we heard
A sudden splatter of weapons fire in the distance and obscured.

The radio clicks no other sound did it make
Because of radio silence no chances did we take
We answered with the correct response and a hushed voice spoke
Gotta move your pickup point as your choppers are getting smoked.

New coordinates and a new direction
Double the distance and a shorter time to make the connection.
We get our bearings and move out at a rapid pace
This place is crawling with NVA we gotta get out of this place.

Only two klicks to the LZ and less than an hour to arrive
If we don’t make the rendezvous we won’t survive.
The choppers are taking fire at every pass
They have to make it or we can’t last.

Humping and keeping a check on the route
Dead tired already we have to make it without a doubt
As we make the clearing to set up our defense
We can hear the choppers from a distance and we all get a little tense.

Now we see the choppers as they circle to come in
Charlie opens up, where the hell has he been?
“Dog House Six” this is “Rattlesnake Two”
We can’t land there what do you want to do?

“Rattlesnake Two” this is “Dog House Six”
Give us some air support that should do the trick
Try and stay in contact with us as we move to a better location
Finding a LZ quickly is our only salvation.

We move out quickly to gain a better site
But now we are taking fire from the left and the right
Lucky as we had been so far, they knew this a likely spot
And we have to make the choppers or die here and rot.

But our choppers don’t desert us on the ground
Door gunners firing and the rockets, what a glorious sound
They have broken contact and the choppers gently touch down
Not a second to lose and we are off the ground

We in the infantry have a special place in our heart
For those brave and courageous brothers in the air doing their part
So here is to our brothers that fly egg beaters in the air
Without them coming to the rescue a lot more of us would have died there.