David R. “Poppa” Alexander


He was a slight man of seventy-five
No one seemed to know he was alive
Sitting in a wheel chair at the old veterans’ home
He would rock and sit there all alone

His mind wondered some
But his memory still brought back the beating of the drum
The drum of war of which he had been a part
Just old enough to get into the war but not at the very start

He remembered the days of the German campaign
When his youth was enough to get him through the battles strain
He had fought under the likes of Patton and Eisenhower
Every battle took all the strength that he could empower

Medals he won a few
But for his country he fought and everyone knew
This veteran was a man of principle and pride through and through
And in every way, every day he showed it anew.

Then in Korea he had fought with determination
For the country that he believed was the very foundation
Of freedom, liberty and individual rights
His country was a source of pride, honor and freedom fires that he helped light.

Then once again in Vietnam
He picked up the mantle and fought for Uncle Sam
His journey had been long and hard
But never once did he allow his patriotism to be marred.

Now unable to do for himself
In an old soldiers’ home he had been left
No visitors came by to brighten his day
So long forgotten and here he must stay.

No regrets did he ever admit
He had fought for and loved his country and would never quit
His wife of over forty years he remembered through the tears
Two sons he had fathered but they had no time for an old man up in his years

On Veterans Day some well meaning folks would come around
Bringing flowers and cigarettes then off they were bound
His country was what he had loved
Now he waited for the call from above.

Destined to sit in a wheel chair for the rest of his life
He longed for a visit from his sons or maybe his wife.
But the lady he had loved had passed on a while ago
And the sons he loved were busy don’t you know.

He often talked about his two sons
How he was so proud of them and what they had done
One a lawyer the other a C.E.O.
He bragged how he was so proud and loved them so.

But not one time in the last three years
Had they come by to visit their father a man above all their peers
He sat alone and remembered the years that had passed him by
Looking off into the distant clear blue sky.

Then one day a young lady happened to see him there
She brought a smile to the old veteran with her smile and brown hair
She came by and would often sit and for a while just talk
And such a comfort she was as she would push him while she would walk

Stacey was her name and she love the old man
For in him see saw a very loving gentleman
John Q. Veteran was his name they say
And Stacey will see him no more for today he passed away.

He had passed with a smile on his lips
And in his Bible they found a few quips
Written upon a scrap of paper in his own hand
Thank you Stacey, love from this old man.