David R. “Poppa” Alexander


When there is someone trying to destroy our country with more than a threat
We, seems to me, that the older I get the stranger things get
I remember when this country would have stood together
To repel this threat, not squabble over whom we might make angry when we gather.

On September 11, 2001, a terrible thing happened by terrorist hand
The likes we had never seen on our homeland
The United States, along with our great allies, together we band
Australia, Great Britain and a couple others helped us make a stand

Our finest young men and women fought to rid the earth of this threat
All hail the chief, and our military and such support did they get.
Soon it was forgotten, and back to our normal lives keeping memories at arm’s length
The menace was still there only diminished in strength

Now after a few months we (our friends and the U.S.) have defeated Iraq
We are still losing brave young soldiers that we want back
Loses not to compare with what has been lost in previous wars
Now all I hear is bring them home before the job is done on those distant shores.

Sound like Nam to any of you old guys?
A lot of us went through that in Nam, seeing the protest of a coward’s guise
Coming home to a nation that wanted nothing to do with us.
I pray that the same isn’t slowly happening again and another generation thus

Heck, it just isn’t funny.
A war that seems to me is better fought in someone else’s land of milk and honey.
Not here on our soil, is a better solution
Support the troops; you don’t have to be political to support this resolution.

I hear, the same bunch of wide eyed, maggot infested, FM radio, disc jockey types
Protesting the effort, not that they don’t have their rights.
But who do they think gave them the right?
It was the military of yesterday, but they still haven’t learned – sometimes you have to fight.

Sorry but it just isn’t funny.
I’m a flag waving, freedom loving, veteran of all our countries and not for the money.
Yup that’s me. God, Family and Country
So agree or disagree, isn’t freedom worth at least the support of our military?

So call me political, call me a nut
But call me when our troops come home and strut.
So I can stand tall and welcome them with an old soldier’s gratitude
God Bless our Military, Oh! Now I must have an attitude.