David R. “Poppa” Alexander


I placed a lot of things in my memory box
When I was a child; things like twine and rocks.
As I grew older the things changed to my later surprise
Like new sweethearts and old goodbyes.

New friends and experiences were next on the list
Ones that still remain there today, as they are hard resist.
Joy, pain, compassion and love live there now
The box still isn’t full but I don’t know how.

Some say that they haven’t opened their box for many a year
But mine is open every day and stay crystal clear.
There are no physical things in the box you see
As they were discarded long ago for they hold reminders that still hurt me.

The pictures, the letters, the reminders of long ago
All were thrown out, all had to go.
Some may think this silly for I’m a grown man
But the simple things were the ones that hurt and had the upper hand.

So as I say I visit the box most every day
But with help of good friends I can now let them lay.
Family, brothers and friends that have gone on to wait
But their memories are in the box as they wait at the gate.

Some memories are good some cause you pain
But to keep them separate is the trick of the game
To dwell on the bad as I have often done
Can lead to excessive sorrow and the hurt has begun.

My box is unvisited by friend or foe
Except for me no one will ever know.
The memories within hold a special place in my heart
To tell you of the content there is no place to start.

Submitted for the February 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Memory Box