David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Humping the boonies dusk ‘til dawn
Not using the brain just using my brawn
If the politicians had half the misery that we go through
This damn war we could bid adieu.
I need some rest!

Fighting the insects, snakes, and enemy too
This country reminds me of a city zoo.
Monkeys, buffalo and Viet Cong
What the hell else is going to go wrong?
I need some rest!

My best buddy got shot yesterday
If I find Charlie I’ll make him pay
Pulling myself along this jungle trail
I’m reminded of my buddy so young yet so very frail
I need some rest!

Don’t get me wrong about ole Jim
Couldn’t have had a better buddy, still alive because of him.
Pushed me down and took the bullet that put him down
Poor Jim was dead before he hit the ground.
I need some rest!

Been fighting for what must be years
Must have shed a thousand tears
I know men aren’t supposed to cry
But neither are eighteen-year-olds supposed to die.
I need some rest!

What! What did you say?
Sorry honey, for a little while I was back in the fray.
Darling you get some sleep don’t worry about me
You know my nightmares I’ll be o.k. you will see
I just need some rest!