David R. “Poppa” Alexander


I let my friends go today,
I have tried to keep the memories at bay,
I’m not sure why,
Today I decided to let them go and soon to join them in the sky.

There were too many names to repeat,
But a few were Danny, Bob, and Pete,
I only knew them for a short while,
But to me they were like brothers whose memories make you smile.

There was Danny; he was always full of life,
Then those was whose life seemed to have always been full of strife,
Then Bob and Pete, who seemed like just ordinary kind of Joes,
But the firefight that night was beyond the ordinary type of foe.

They came in bunches more than one could count,
Carrying guns, knives, and clubs with an all out offensive they did mount,
We held them off for a while, but they were determined and overran us before dawn,
And when the battle was over it was obvious they had won.

Oh, they didn’t win the war, but a battle of no one else’s concern,
We were expendable it seemed, without anyone for help to turn,
They fought with honor, valor, and pride,
But again what else could they do there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

When the sun rose over the distant battleground,
Most all was lost and the most of our unit was heaven bound.
Oh, what a site there on that hill to see,
Bodies of both sides lie where they had fallen and not one sign of fear did I see.

The choppers came the next morning and the commander commented on what he saw,
“Oh what a fight this must have been,” he said, as he placed a medevac call.
The bodies were put into bags and placed side by side awaiting their final ride,
If only we had received just a little help, if only we had had a place to hide.

No one seems to remember neither the time nor the place,
But I will always remember, and the look upon their face.
At night I sleep a restless sleep, too many memories I guess you would say;
That’s why I say, “I Let My Friends Go Today.”

You see as I get older, these memories fail to leave me,
And I can’t seem to function as others expect of me.
So you see that’s why I’ve decided to say,
“I Let My Friends Go Today.”