David R. “Poppa” Alexander


The fear of the unknown
The heights to which one has flown
Or the depths to which one may have sunk
Even when one is sober or if one maybe drunk

Lying in the shadows on the ground
Knowing not to make a sound
Fear grips you as the sunsets
You are only aware of the fear and the sweats.

Of all the things that happen
Of all the sounds that make ones hearing sharpen
The thing that one cannot overcome
Silence screaming until one is numb.

Silence is not a friend
Nor can one believe nor even pretend.
Silence is the loudest sound
A scream that will abound.

Silence, death, and cold:
Three thing soldiers have feared for time untold.
Silence stays with you like the grim reaper’s breath
Knowing silence will stay with you even after death.