David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Have you ever wondered while alone outside at night,
Why the memories seem to come and you start to cry?
No one seems to notice as you are all alone,
And why does it seem like you’re not really at home.

Wiping the tears from your eyes,
You start to think about all the government lies.
You remember the brothers that still might just be in a cell,
And there is no one there for them to even tell.

Have you ever wondered why they seem so close to you;
How they were left behind and not a thing you could do?
Or how the ones that came back home and are only a shell of a man,
Why our government won’t even give them a hand.

I guess it does no good to relive the past.
And you might even forget about them at last.
Well forget is maybe not the right word,
But to think there is something you can do is totally absurd.

Then when the sun comes up and you begin another day,
You make yourself get up and earn another days pay.
The days seem to go by faster than they did a while ago,
And I often wonder if I will ever let them go.

No I don’t think so, as I used to think I could,
And no doubt the government isn’t going to as they said they would.
If you are lucky as I have been,
And have a wonderful understanding wife with a tender hand to lend.

Maybe you shouldn’t wonder about what might have been,
But again as you finish the day and it starts all over again.
I know this sounds like I feel sorry for myself,
But if that’s what it is, what about the brothers that we left.

I write a poem and make believe it will make the memories go away,
And you know maybe they will as I start another day.
The more I wonder, the more I regret,
These are my memories and I really don’t want to forget.

So my friend don’t pity me nor my memories,
‘cause they are like old friends to me.
Looks like the more I read the more others have memories to meet.
I remember a old-line “lessons not learned we are going to repeat”