David R. “Poppa” Alexander


It sure feels good to be here,
Hey bartender, give me a beer
This bar seems to be my new home.
No, I haven’t been on the roam.

Yes, you are right you haven’t seen me in about a year
Bartender, give me another beer
Has anyone seen Joan?
She promised to be here when I came home.

Of course I know she no longer lives around here
Bartender, give me another beer.
Yeah, you can ask but I may not respond
Hey bartender, where did you move the john?

The question was what?
No, in Nam they didn’t furnish us with pot.
Funny that you should ask, that’s not a tear
Bartender, another beer.

No I wasn’t a hero and no, I didn’t kill any babies
What kind of question is that are you crazy?
Leave me alone and let me sit here
Bartender, give me another beer.

Are you sure you haven’t seen Joan?
Yes, I want to be left alone.
Bartender one more beer
And I’ll get out of here.

I was wrong; this isn’t where I belong;
Have I been gone that long?
Questions that you ask and the jokes you make
Maybe coming home was a mistake.