David R. “Poppa” Alexander


I am the terror in your dreams
Can’t get rid of me it seems.

August sun so very hot:
Another day of torture from insects, and trying not to get shot.

Stay and fight North Vietnam
Most want to know why we even give a damn.

Jitters so it seems can’t stay away
Thirty, forty or even fifty years from the day.

Cold winter snow and frozen feet
Standing our ground no one will say defeat.

Chattering teeth and blacken toes
Just some of the things of this war while the winter wind blows.

Toe to toe, face to face we fight to seize
Another inch of ground from the North Koreans and the Red Chinese.

A lonely beach to take or die;
Sarge was only 30 feet shy.

Water, salt and blood abounds
While one waits for another inbound round.

Sand, bugs, snakes and the like
Hold on guys we must destroy the Third Reich.

All the smells, sights and hurt abounds
As we lay another hero in the ground.

What have we done and why do we care?
Some say prayers while others swear.

Makes no difference how hard a load we drag,
Our children will soon take up the cause and fight for the flag.