David R. “Poppa” Alexander


As a pea, one travels through the ravages of war
As a grain of sand does our live matter anymore
As a faint whisper of wind upon someone’s cheek
As our passing reminds no one of the comfort we seek.

During a spring rain that settles on a child’s face
During a cool breeze that along the trees doth race
During the life of a warrior he meets many foe
During the time of his death will anyone really know?

Feeling a snowflake upon ones tongue
Feeling an unknown hand of soft kindness that might have sprung
Feeling guilty and depressed as he travels along
Feeling so many things and not knowing what he did wrong.

Hearing a simple song of a bird in a tree
Hearing an old gospel song that comes from deep within me
Hearing a word of rage from those that know not
Hearing a nation full of hate scream things better off forgot.

Loving the freedom that so many died to keep
Loving the feeling of a patriot from way down deep
Loving ones brothers and sisters that went before and even now
Loving God, the flag, country and being not too proud ones head to bow.

All these things a Veteran must feel
All these things a Veteran must deal
All these things and still he loves you all
All these things and when the flag passes he still stands tall.

For a veteran knows no better,
For he must rely as always upon himself and the truth can be bitter.
For a comrade, a brother, a soldier of war
For many died, and seems there will be more and more.