David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Finding a path that we knew well,
One that once we ran down without the least trouble.
Now we struggle to traverse the least thing
Yes we are still willing but are unable.

New blood and strength have taken the fast track
Our worn bodies are now just in the way.
Oh we are afforded the courtesy of respect
But we find it hard to let go of the dream of youth.

Old uniforms that no longer fit,
Ones that are no longer in style;
Ribbons and badges of long ago
Find no place of honor as they once did.

We aren’t bitter anymore
Just still wishing that we had been welcomed home.
Let it never be that our brave young men and women
ever come home without a deserved welcome.
Our time in the sun is past and we can rest at last.

A tear might form in our eye
2Lt David R. Alexander – 1967But not for we who are still around
Rather for our friends and comrades who didn’t make it home.
An old soldier never forgets the time he was the new and young soldier.

As our eyes grow dimmer with each day
Our memories stand out like the morning sun.
Feeling sorry for ourselves I guess you could say
Seems the older we get the more we remember our days in the sun.