David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Oh peaceful sleep what a wonderful adventure
No more dreams of the past or dread of the future
To dream of beauty and rest
At death you have reached the crest.

To lie in peaceful harmony
To await no further agony;
At last to meet those of which you have dreamed
The ones at night of which you have screamed.

Death, not to fear;
Just the final part of life – one to revere.
Not a chance of return
Nor would one for that to yearn.

At last to be at rest
With those whom you knew best:
Brothers and family of long ago –
When will life let us go?

No morbid thoughts do I reveal
For at times this is just how I feel.
We all will travel this way
For on this earth we cannot stay.

But too long, for the feeling of relief
Is natural to some that suffer grief.
Feel no pity for the writer of this verse
For within the days to come, remember it could have been worse.

look with fond remembrance of he that passed
And know that peace he has found at last.
Oh he will live from day to day
For a while on this earth he must stay.

Brothers of war lives lost so long ago
Up to meet them he also must go.
With friendship and love from God above
Surely then he will find peace and eternal love.