David R. “Poppa” Alexander


For more years than I care to remember
My memories have kept me company January through December.
For those that came home but didn’t survive
Those that lived but were not alive.

Many coasted through day by day
Never letting anyone get in their way.
Not letting anyone in
They would never get that close to anyone again.

Seeing death with its finality,
Feeling loss because of familiarity;
Brothers dropping like drops of rain:
No more, no more never again.

Their lives were never the same as before
Because of death, carnage and gore.
Shutting out the world around them was an escape
Letting memories their lives shape.

When finally leaving this world
Only brothers understood why their lives were so furled.
So in passing we stand and stare
Only another warrior could understand or maybe even care.

As one brother passes to heaven above
Remember him with understanding and love
For on this earth he never understood
We were always there if he had let us in if only he could.

Drifting from memory to benediction
This was his only conviction.
Say a prayer for this lonesome soul
That now he will find peace and once again be made whole.