David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Seems like once he has given all he can give
Then the memories fade and he is left to just live.
Anything of use that he might add
Was lost when he no longer is a lad.

A veteran’s worth is measured by what he can still give
Not by the days of giving that took away his life to live.
Politicians strive to rob him of his dignity and self-respect
His insight they reject.

Most of the veterans only want to continue to serve
With just a little of the respect they deserve.
But with the prejudice of an unpopular war
And politicians that sniff the wind to get re-elected, respect? No more.

If only the citizens were taught the value of what these veterans did
They would demand change and these politicians we would forbid.
When a veteran shows that he can have community pride
Why must he be ignored and his efforts pushed aside?

All veterans should be able to stand with pride and not be denied
Regardless where they live or where they reside.
I’ve heard that it means nothing to be a veteran whether you live or die
But let me tell you something, the ones I know will still spit in your eye.

Maybe this verse means nothing to you my friend
But if you disagree with the sentiment within
Don’t come crying to him when your freedom is being denied
But yes you will and yes he will respond ‘cause a veteran isn’t one to hide.

He will stand up for your freedom and your rights
Even though you spit upon his freedom or maybe you just kept quiet.
He is a true patriot he was born this way
So if your country is under attack either join him or get the hell out of the way.