David R. “Poppa” Alexander


No one wants a war
But when necessary let the eagles soar.
We that are too old to fight and die
Are delegated to sit on the side and sigh.

We assure those young military women and men
That we will support them ‘til the end.
Our only job as it seems to me
Is to show a strong front and pray to our own deity.

Bring them home to a free and safe land
Where they find each of us giving the other a helping hand.
Not like in wars past where those at home showed no remorse,
If we must go to war shall we steer a new course.

Our men and women deserve no less
And it’s up to us all to show our very best.
So when you see the flag pass by today
Stand tall and say that you are proud of the American way.

Our country may not be perfect
Faults, cracks, warts and lack of respect.
But it is the envy of all the rest.
We stand tall to keep a great country that has been truly blessed.