David R. “Poppa” Alexander


When your heart is true
No one can hurt you I’ve been told once the deceit is through.
However when a friend
Who really isn’t in the end.

This so-called friend finds a way
To lead you astray
By lies and subterfuge
Make you look like a stooge.

A joke that goes on too long
A fulfillment of some crazed idea of right and wrong
Can leave ones heart empty and full of distrust
But to get over and forgive is a must.

Not knowing the reason for the hoax
Too serious to be a series of jokes.
Those who do this unkind thing
Only sadness does it bring.

False identity and lies of a life,
Of all the things that went wrong and full of strife;
When about your friend one day to find
The perpetrator was mentally confused with lies and deceit entwined.

Now they must find a way to end this quest
So a plan must be devised, another lie at best.
One more tug at their friends heart
Maybe they will never know the truth of their depart.