David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Repent from your wicked ways, the Preacher would yell
If you don’t then you’ll spend eternity in hell.
AMEN, would come the echo clear as a bell.

Find your way to the Lord, his gifts will never cease
You will walk on streets of gold and find eternal peace
AMEN, came the echo from the crowd and the volume would increase.

Today maybe the last day of your life
Confess your sins to the Lord and end your strife
AMEN, again came the congregation’s roar, cutting like a knife.

As a small lad I remembered it well
Careful not wanting to sin or spend eternity in hell
AMEN, would come to me and I could hear it so well.

Heed the call before it is too late
Fill NOT your life with violence and hate
AMEN, again would be the final yell, before it’s too late.

Now I was in Vietnam, a man made hell
I prayed to the Lord to show me where I should dwell
AMEN, I heard in my mind as I knelt, asking the Lord to tell.

For I must have done something, for here I am to stay
Not sure if I was right or wrong or if I’d die this day
AMEN, came again at the end of my prayer, must move without delay.

I finally realized in this hell on earth that, live or die,
My Lord is surely there, and on him I must rely
AMEN, I can now hear the congregation agree, that God was on high.

I oft would remember that ole Circuit Riding Preacher
Who came by our backwoods church, a soul seeker and a teacher
AMEN, I say now for he was a man of God, this Circuit Riding Preacher.