David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Seeing things men aren’t suppose to see
We went through a lot of things you and me
Seeking a place of safety and rest
I’ve always thought you gave your best.

Finding the very worse of men,
That was you and I back then.
Watching young men fight and die
Nothing we could to do for them but let them lie.

Remember the day that we went our separate ways
Not knowing that we would have no more days.
I’ve felt the pain of your loss
What a fight, what a cost.

Now I stare at your name on this wall
Only the good times do I recall
You were a soldier through and through
When you were killed there was nothing I could do.

I know you are looking down on your family and weep
I only hope you can forgive the promise I couldn’t keep.
I hold in my hand a picture of you back then
I now write a verse with an unworthy pen.

I talk to your daughter at least once a week
Sometimes not much is said but your memory we both keep.
Have no doubt she is doing fine
Both of your girls have grown and I think of them as if they were mine.

Now I leave this hallowed place
Leaving only a verse at this black wall’s base.
I will never forget the friendship we had,
Or the feelings that always leave me sad.

Please take care, my old friend
For there are too many places you and I have been.
Now that I have found your girls
I will now try and fulfill the promise I made in that other world.