David R. “Poppa” Alexander


As Christmas comes this year
I am reminded of those that are not here to share
Those left behind and those looking down
Those who now wear a golden crown.

Men and women that gave their all
To all of us big and small
To a ungrateful nation of politicians and worse
Now I take pen in hand and write this verse.

Christ gave his life over two thousand years ago
For those that scorned so that we would know.
A child of God brought forth on this land
To lift us up with his loving hand.

So did many of our fallen friends
Give their life with love, duty and honor that time transcends.
I’m reminded of many friends that are not here in flesh
But that will always live in our hearts, their love to us refresh.

Feeling lonely and somewhat alone
Is not what they would want for us if the truth were known.
For not one man jack of them gave their life in vain
But for their fellow brothers and sisters to live without shame.

Just a thought for all in this Christmas Season
That love of God, friends, freedom and honor is the reason.
Lift up your head as if to remember
God is alive and caring for our fallen comrades every single member.

Merry Christmas to all is my lonely wish and those we owe,
And remember to acknowledge those that that died so long ago
Not with tears and a feeling of remorse
But to remember that they have stayed the course.

In God’s hand they now reside
And his commandments we must abide.
For one day we will be together,
When all of the weights of our lives will be as a feather.