David R. “Poppa” Alexander


A daughter left behind
A daughter of a friend of mine
No neglect on his part
She was a big piece of his heart.

A daughter of only seven years old
A daughter in need of someone to hold
Not for me as it turns out
For I couldn’t find her no matter how loud I would shout.

My friend was KIA in Vietnam
A mixture of bullets and a bomb
A request of me before he died
And a promise to keep how I tried and tried.

For over thirty years of searching and wonder
When finding her she was a wonderful mother
Too old for me too comfort and to hold
But young enough of her father to be told.

Her dad loved her, her mom and her sister
And don’t say a word against him mister.
He was my friend and good soldier too
It’s just he gave his life for me and for you.

One fell swoop took him away
And the angels must have cried on that day.
He had a heart of pure gold
So the Lord must have needed him in his heavenly fold.

This is such a small tribute
And little else can I contribute
Except to say now that I have found his daughter
I will spend whatever time it takes to tell her of her father.

Just a verse by an unworthy hand
To let all know about this man
Lt. Ervin L. “Jake” Burns on this Christmas will have been gone for 35 years
His family, friends and I have shed 35 million tears.