David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Up at 0400 running when you hit the floor
Shower, uniform and out the door,
In formation for the morning inspection, why so urgent?
Dressed down by an irritable platoon sergeant.

Physical Training, breakfast and more yelling by the sergeant;
March, march and double time a soldier is emergent
Low crawl, push-ups, and more yelling by the sergeant.
A long boring class in the sun, sleepy, tired and not ready for tomorrow’s resurgent

March, March, and double time made to just annoy
An evening meal that you can’t sit and enjoy
More push-ups, never ending cleaning of your weapon
More yelling by the platoon sergeant, it’s you he picks on.

How we hated basic training
How we hated the platoon sergeant, heck now it’s raining.
How we hated the damn endless weapon cleaning
How we hated those push-ups, and physical training.

Lord, do I ever wish I could go back to that training again
Here in this land it can save your life and so much more I would gain.
Now with reverence we remember the platoon sergeant and his drive
He was doing a job that now seems quite clear, KEEPING US ALIVE.

Lying here in this God forsaken jungle, just waiting and remembering
I in my mind go over those things that were taught it is amazing
And because of the yelling and caring of that no good B**T**D
God Bless him and his service to our country and me for he was our shepherd.