David R. “Poppa” Alexander


I discovered the other day
I had lost something along the way.
A piece of me is missing
A piece for which I have been reminiscing.

Oh it’s nothing you can see
A part that had but one plea:
“Do the best that you can do;
Bring as many home as you can with you.”

The part seems to have lost its way
For I remember that once with me it did stay.
But it seems that somewhere, I know not where,
It just fell off and to find it I do not dare.

Maybe it was the first brother that I lost
Or could it have been the eight: what a terrible loss.
“Just do the best that you can do.
Bring as many home as you can with you.”

Too many still laying cold in the ground
Some of them already dead when they were found.
A leader, is that what you think?
When you are twenty years old, a lot of things are out of sync.

I honestly did the best I could
No older men found to do the job, maybe they should
This part of me that I seem to have lost
Is those brothers’ lives, what a horrific cost.

I think I found the missing part
Yes, it a large scar hidden deep in my heart.
For now I see it for what it is
Regret, guilt, fear or dread, gee whiz.

I haven’t lost that part now I can see
But I sure wish that it was lost and would let me be.
I ask my men, brothers all to forgive;
If they respond maybe I can start to live.