David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Young, slender and full of life,
Before going to war he took a new wife.
Full of spirit and for his country he fought
Remembering the things his father had taught.

Training, struggling and learning to fight
Sleeping alone for three long years at night;
Stranded for days on end at the Battle of the Bulge
No frills of life to indulge.

Earning three Bronze Stars while in that place;
Finally the weather broke by God’s holy grace.
Free to move and re-enter the war
Within two days broke down unable to move as before.

While working on his tank to make a move
The dang thing blew up and he was to be removed.
Spent months on end in a hospital overseas
Then more time in a hospital in the states burnt from the chest to the knees.

Discharged to come home to the family he had left
Only to find his job was not there as if taken in a theft.
Working on the farm hard but honest work;
Struggling to make a living even as a store clerk.

Never a word of complaint did I hear
Always a father and always there,
Raised three children and took care of his wife
Lived in pain for the rest of his life.

He worked until the day of his death
Thinking of mom with his last breath.
Now he lays alone in a simple grave
But we all are thankful for the goodness and love he gave.

To me he is the portrait of a soldier true and real
Not one of great honors did he receive, nor did he ever heal.
To God, Family and Country he gave all he had
That you see is also a portrait of my dad.