David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Travel along the highways
Isn’t hard nowadays
Your travel may lead you to places unknown
You may be surprised how little you have grown.

Remember when
The good ole days back then?
When your only worries were a Saturday night date
Maybe for dinner you would be late.

Then came a war along your highway
First of all you didn’t have much to say.
Then came your turn
And manhood you must earn.

So along the highway to war you trod
Having faith in yourself and God.
Another mile down the long highway
You serve your country well and too many enemies you slay.

Another long mile down that highway to nowhere
Once your time was finished and you’ve said a prayer.
You attempt to travel down your highway seeking neither fortune nor fame
Then you notice you have changed and nothing is the same.

Your friends are now otherwise involved;
Your family thinks your problems are all solved:
No one to give you a welcome home
So you travel and begin to roam.

Again down that long lonesome highway to nowhere.
Over the years your travels have been hard and nothing seems fair.
Then one day as along the highway you trod
A turn, a word and you find God.

Now you realize that the highway was long and hard
But there was a reason for your longest yard.
Someone to turn to when life is nothing but a façade
You find peace at the end of your long highway when you find God.