David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Hello mom and dad,
I had time to write and I’m so glad.
Seems like we never have time to write,
Mostly what we do now is fight.
I sure wish I were home with you both right now,
But that isn’t in the cards for me and my pals,
Yes, I got your letter a little over a week ago,
And be sure and tell dad not to shovel too much snow.
Aunt Susan sent me a letter about a week back;
You know how she always calls you guys, Sarah and Jack.
She said, “Danny I bet those freckles are showing up over there”.
And mostly she went on about how you were doing well and dad was just fair.
I got your birthday card last week arrived on my eighteenth birthday;
You should have heard the ribbing and what the guys had to say.
They are a great bunch of brother’s mom and dad,
Kinda like the ones I never had.
Mom, you and dad will be getting a letter in a day or so,
I ask my Lt. to write you and I know he will do so.
He’s young like me mom and I heard him praying so I know he loves the Lord also.
Mom, Dad I know you won’t get this letter from the son that loves you so.
I just had to find a way to tell you that I was killed today,
And it was no one’s fault it was just something that happened in the fray.
I’ll be waiting in heaven for both of you to see and to hold,
Take care of each other and don’t cry for me why I’m eighteen years old.