David R. “Poppa” Alexander


On a hill in South Vietnam
Sits a lonely soldier writing a letter to his mom
Telling lies of it isn’t bad over here
And she shouldn’t shed a single tear.

My unit hasn’t done a thing in two weeks, he lies;
Nothing but warm breezes and blue skies.
He passes off the notion of extreme danger
And tells of the friend he has made of a stranger.

He places the unfinished letter in his pack
As he is about to move out and don’t know when he will be back.
His letter stored not completed
As the days grow into weeks and the letter’s ending is cheated.

One night as he finally gets some needed sleep
A ghost into his dream does creep
A haunting presence of his mother
Telling him of her love like no other.

When the sunlight finally breaks
His vision of her lingers and overcomes the aches.
During the day a bloody battle is fought
And the ghostly image causes him to be distraught.

The young man is killed that day
And the ghost sadly went away.
Knowing somehow that her son was lost
A mother’s love has moved heaven and earth at every cost.

To comfort her son this one last time
And to bring him peace as this one last hill he must climb
Throughout the ages a mother’s love has been strong
And never had one sung such a loving song.

To come as a ghost in his sleep
Into his heart she did creep
And all the while without his even knowing
Her love for him the ghost was showing.

Finding the letter in his pack
Another soldier scribbles the closing lines and puts it back
For that young soldier had nothing at a glance
But all he really had and needed was the ghost of a chance.