David R. “Poppa” Alexander


David R. Alexander: 10th Armored Division
(L to R) Kelton Rogers, Tom Bubin, Elbert Alexander and Dick Coffee

During World War II
A special Division of men learned to stick together like glue.
That Division was the Tiger Division, the 10th Armored Division
They maneuvered those tanks with precision.

Called upon to fight in Germany, and France,
At the Battle of The Bulge they made a stance.
At Bastogne they were with the 101st
As Hitler did his worst.

The Tigers motto was meaningful.
“If we are to be successful,
We must work like hell,
Play like hell, and fight like hell.”
The 10th did just that, as history can tell.

On December 17, 1944 the Germans launched their “Ardennes Offensive”
They were to soon find out that it was very expensive.
General Patton called on the 10th to make that 75-mile in one-day march
In snow, ice and horrible conditions uniforms frozen as if by starch.

The 10th held Bastogne against eight German Divisions
Until the battle weary 101st could return with provisions.
Between the two Divisions they held and fought off these German Divisions
This was the first time that the Airborne and Armor had fought in such combinations.

The Germans thought they would kick the 10th Divisions butts
The Germans ask the 10th to give up they were told “NUTS”!
My father was one of many that were there
Now he is gone and only those left behind have memories to share.

So lift a tankard of ale to the 10th Division
To each man there and also their act of derision
Remember those that have gone on to wait
For they wait for their brothers at heaven’s gate.

Author’s Note: In memory of my father Elbert O. Alexander and his brothers from the 10th Armored Division especially, Tom Bubin, Dick Coffee and Kelton Rogers. God Bless them all