IWVPA Club Theme Project

December 2005: FIDELITY

Meaning [1]: Devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, fealty etc;
Example: He always votes the same way due to fidelity to the party.

Meaning [2]: Accuracy, exactness, adherence to fact, closeness, precision etc.
Example: The artist portrayed the lady with great fidelity.

Origin: From the Latin word fides – trust, faith; and the related fidelis – faithful, give us faith,

Fidelity and Hi-Fi: literally “high faithfulness” in sound production.

The same Latin base gives us affiance and fiancé; fealty – a vassal’s obligation of fidelity to his lord under the feudal system; affidavit – an oath of trust, as a sworn statement; confide – to entrust a secret to someone; confidence – faith in someone, or a secret entrusted to another; and confidential – ‘in trust’; infidel – one who is unfaithful and Infidelity; unfaithfulness.