Monica L. Murphy


No matter what, our pride was strong;
We were attacked, our country wronged.
We lost many, that December day;
Our men signed up – Japan did pay.

No matter what – our country said go;
Off to Vietnam went Tom and Joe.
Friends for a life, now a special bond;
Joe came home to protests; we buried Tom.

No matter what, we’ll hunt them down.
A war on terror – killers to be found;
Again we signed up – no need for a draft;
Our patriotic bond – our country attacked.

No matter what – a mother knows;
The bond begins within her soul.
She knew the news before they arrived;
She felt the pain the moment he died.

Author’s Note: Vinculum – it’s been a topic of great discussion. I thought, “Wow; a bond – easy. No problem.”

But one thing I’ve learned from this particular group and with many thanks is – I’m not as smart as I thought I was and I have definitely been challenged on this one. I fought this poem hard and I know it’s because of the ending. It wouldn’t let me leave it out – guess that’s what writing’s sometimes about.