Steve Brandenburg


Received a box that belonged to Uncle Lee,
His wife, she gave it to me.
Fought his way across the river Rhine,
dodging bullets all the time.

Fought the Battle of the Bulge,
in freezing weather, and wouldn’t budge.
Through the camps of death and gore,
my Uncle helped win the war.

So here I set, box at my feet.
When I open it, what will I meet?

His fatigue jacket battle worn, and in places torn.
German flags from small to large,
wish I knew of this charge, an Iron Cross,
with ribbon intact, a pistol with holster and Silver Eagle.

Makes me wonder what he went through,
as he never spoke of the war,
But when you asked, he got sore.

I learned to live with his silence of this,
wanted my Uncle to have some bliss.
He is gone now, and I miss him so,
yet with his death he still glows.