Nancy L. Meek


I look into your shining eyes.
This proverbial window to your soul
And I see within it there
A treasure far greater than gold

A look of purest innocence
With no memories yet of the war
No visions of death and dying
Beyond your own front door

Those deer-in-the-headlight orbs
Are tugging on my yearning heart
Wishing I could take them back there
To those days before the park

When all they saw were love
Compassion, faith and hope
In a bright and shining future.
Not the end of your worn rope

Tethered ‘tween living and dying
Unsure of which road to take
All hope from your heart draining
That living would any difference make

No one cared… or so you thought
If you took your own life or not
Your eyes had seen too many dying
Lying upon the battlefield to rot

Too many wished you dead, too
Hating you for killing their own
Burning their homes to the ground
Wishing you would just go home

You fought to preserve freedom
For your homeland so far away
But you were spit upon and wondered,
“What happened to yesterday?”

“No one can ever know”, you said,
What this soldier’s eyes have seen.
Until he becomes like the living dead,
No one can know what I mean.”

You lost your faith on that foreign shore
Saw it disappear into the hollow eyes
Of the buddy who died in your arms
While your prayers echoed on silent skies

Gone now is the childlike innocence
That treasure I see in your eyes today
Staring back at me from your photo there
Taken before man’s inhumanity stole it away