AbisolaAbisola, born in 1987, lives in Woodside Park, London and and loves to write. She hopes to become a professional writer well known around the world.


Why kill the innocent for nothing
Why make the lives of small children miserable
Why kill of their dreams before it starts
Their hope and future before the first step
Why not give them the luxury we got
The luxury of not knowing what was going to happen next
Instead of them knowing the probability of what was to come
That it is a 50-50 percent if they might wake up tomorrow
Because many go to sleep and few wake up
In the reality of war

Why destroy each other
Why stand in front of dangers face
When it can be avoided
Why not be each other’s friend
Other than our enemies
Why let ourselves be forced into the corner
Only where there can be one solution
Why not just sit and talk like adults
Hopefully all misunderstanding can be solved

Is it because of pride?
Is it because of competitiveness?
Is that reason enough why people should be killed?
Is that why young children dreams and hopes
should be smashed and snatched away
I ask myself over and over again why
Like many people but still like many
If not all I find no reason why
War takes place
Even those who start it
Do not seem to know why when asked.